Supply Chain Solutions

HPHL provide full cycle of supply chain – from determination of appropriate manufacturers to delivery at final point: procurement, freight forwarding, brokerage, certification, warehousing, delivery.

We can offer a full suite of business solutions that optimize your supply chain while reducing costs and improving service levels. Our dedicated team of professionals meticulously can plan your supply process that reduce resources and substantially save the time of delivery.

Full-service supply chain management includes:

  • strategic planning of the procurement process, selection of the most appropriate manufacturer and supplier;
  • determination of the optimal route of delivery, type of transportation and carrier selection;
  • cost estimate and budget optimization;
  • combine purchase orders and planning shipments to reduce costs and transit time;
  • multimodal consolidation and route optimization;
  • control of shipping documentation;
  • convenient system of mutual settlements;
  • consolidated invoicing;
  • standard and customized reporting.

Besides full-cycle of supply chain solutions HPHL offers in-stock provision of the most demanded and required machinery in industrial and oil & gas sectors. Spare parts of mechanical, electrical and hardware equipment can be delivered to customer from HPHL’s warehouse within three days.

Freight and cargo transportation

Our company provides a full range of transportation and logistics on the most favorable terms for the client.

Long-term contracts with worldwide agents provide us the lowest possible rates for cargo delivery from 1 kg to 15 000 kg. Our logistics specialists guarantee the best selection of route and connecting flights, the shortest delivery time and door-to-door service, loading/unloading in departure and final point and customs clearance of export at the highest level of proficiency.

Multimodal transportation
HPHL team always choose the most appropriate way to ship goods by sea from different parts of the planet. Our partners’s warehouses in Gdynia, Klaipeda, Riga, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk and other major port cities provide reliable storage and consolidation of absolutely different types of cargoes.

Important advantages of HPHL services are:

  • immediate processing of inquiries and fast rate rendering;
  • regular renewal of equipment;
  • door-to-door delivery service;
  • the shortest transit time;
  • shipping documentation in accordance with international standards;
  • accumulative discount option;
  • customer-oriented system of mutual settlement;
  • online inquiry on company’s website.


HPHL specializes in providing document management and storage services that help our customers to improve efficiency as well as reduce operational costs. Our services on archiving and warehousing consists of document storage, documents scanning and copying, electronic archive and documents destructions.

Document Storage
HPHL provides secure, cost effective way to store and manage your vital records offsite. The prime objective of HPHL is to provide clients with highly secure, state-of-the-art, modern storage facilities that are supported by unsurpassed service delivery standards and sophisticated bar-code tracking system.

Documents Scanning and Copying
HPHL uses advanced scanners and copymachines to convert your data into electronic format and download all your vital information to your company’s internal servers.

Electronic Archive
HPHL offers a full range of services for creating electronic archives. We implement solutions, both on the basis of our own software, and using the developments of the leading IT companies.

Documents destructions
Our document destruction services provides practical solutions for destruction of the documents that are no longer required or having expired storage period. Basic principles of HPHL experts in the destruction of documents are confidentiality and efficiency.


Customs Clearance

For more than a eight years HPHL successfully organizes custom clearance for different consignments from whole over the world. We guarantee high quality of service which include:

  • consulting in a proper preparation of shipping documentation, collection of a complete set of necessary documents;
  • determining HS codes of goods;
  • invoices translations;
  • sending letters to the customs authorities;
  • representation of the client’s company at the warehouses for temporary storage;
  • receiving cleared goods with set of documents and delivery at final point;
  • obtaining permissions from government institutions etc.

Our reliable partners, brokerage and certification companies with vast experience in customs operating, provide us following services in the shortest possible time:

  • customs representation;
  • drafting and submission of goods custom declarations;
  • registration of letters and certificates of conformity;
  • preliminary declaration of goods etc.

Process of custom clearance with HPHL is quick, easy and cost effective.