About Us

Founded in 1999, HPHL – Hygiene Procurement Holding Limited is privately owned company of Procurement and Logistics, specializing in the procurement of goods or services to third parties.

Counting more than eight years of experience, HPHL operates in the international market with special focus in the areas of Household and Hygiene Products, Baby Products, Machinery and Raw Materials.

Aware of the importance of international trade, we periodically and consistently establish close relationships with a wide range of credible and leading suppliers in their business segments.



Our Mission

Bring benefit to all our customers through facilitated procurement and logistics processes streamlined by our team.

Guarantee a service of excellence, providing to all of our customers an integrated set of purchasing solutions, which includes:

# The choice of the best suppliers at the best price / quality,

# Negotiation of payment terms

# Legal support in the most varied scenarios of commercial representations, and complementary services, that ensure the best purchase conditions with reduced acquisition costs.



How do we do it?

We have a specialized unit in Procurement & Logistics that develops a work of excellence never forgetting the need to establish close ties with all of the stakeholders involved.