Taking advantage of our experience in the Frozen and Dried Food Products trade, combined with our supplier´s database, we are committed to offer a quality service, always working towards achieving the best quality/price relationship in actual time.

Being the producers of our own brands ``Suave``, ``LavaPro`` & ``Brilux`` we aim to have the best quality products, so we keep searching to satisfy our most demanding clients. Working with quality is not a challenge for us, we aim to provide your company and clients with the best value on household cleaning products.

We work with a wide range of companies that supply essential baby products, whose production is based on a high level of quality and safety, at the right price. We strive to supply the best baby products without compromising our service to customers.

Companies are facing a time that demands expertise, strength and good resources to accomplish success. Due to a long experience in the industrial area, we fully understand the importance of purchasing the right type of materials, in right quantities, at the right price, made available at the right time and obtained from the right supplier.


Whatever your industrial needs might be, we will be able to satisfy them. Our contacts are worldwide, trustworthy and extremely reliable.


Working with quality is not a challenge for us, we aim to provide your company and clients with the best value on household cleaning products.


We are exclusive representatives of NUK and Chicco in Angola. Our ranges of baby products include everything your baby needs to grow healthily and comfortably.


As exclusive representatives of the brands Suave, LavaPro and Brilux, we have dedicated suppliers that produce the best quality products for our brands. Covering a wide range of areas and types of products, from Personal Hygiene to Household Cleaning, from Baby Products, Detergents, Liquid Soaps, Clothes Care, Mops and Brooms, Kitchen and Toilet Cleaners, Cresol or Caustic Soda.

Our products design is exclusive and aims to meet the most demanding needs of our clients. Our designers adapt the most recent design trends to the requests of our clients and partners.

Our Mission

Bring benefit to all our customers through facilitated procurement and logistics processes streamlined by our team.
Guarantee a service of excellence, providing to all of our customers an integrated set of purchasing solutions, which includes:
  • the choice of the best suppliers at the best price / quality,
  • negotiation of payment terms,
  • legal support in the most varied scenarios of commercial representation,
  • and complementary services, that ensure the best purchase conditions with reduced acquisition costs.

How do We do it?

HPHL Procurement & Logistics team provide expert advice on all purchasing needs of your company.
Our specialized team will help guide your business in the right direction in terms of purchases, recommending along the way the best suppliers and the fastest route to the purchase needs of your business.
The HPHL Procurement & Logistics team is responsible for ensuring that procurement is carried out with propriety, and that all act in an open and transparent manner, both in its dealings with suppliers and clients, while establishing close and long term ties with all of the stakeholders involved.